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Bear Brook

Episode 9 – Mar 3, 2021

Jason Moon of Bear Brook

“Two barrels. Four bodies. And the decades-long mystery that led to a serial killer. Bear Brook is a podcast about a cold case that’s changing how murders will be investigated forever.”

Other episodes of MetaPod

Mark Thomas Lockdown Check-up

Episode 8 – Feb 24, 2021

Mark Thomas of Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up

“Mark Thomas has moved back in with his mum for the duration of the pandemic. He’s 57 and she’s 85. He says she’s curmudgeonly; she says he’s the most aggravating person on the planet.”

Episode 7 – Feb 17, 2021

Halina Rifai of A Sonic Hug

“A Sonic Hug is a thought-provoking podcast series where you’ll hear from people from different walks of life who deal, experience and battle mental health issues. “

Episode 6 – Feb 10, 2021

Atze de Vrieze of Weird Hit Wonder

“Weird Hit Wonder. Rare hits… songs that you perhaps never want to hear again or perhaps at some moment you do!”

Episode 5 – Feb 3, 2021

Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson of Endless Thread

“Endless Thread is a show for “Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and the rest of us“.

Episode 4 – Jan 27, 2021

Nick Hilton of The Town That Didn’t Stare

“The Town That Didn’t Stare is a podcast documentary about Britain’s Twin Peaks: East Grinstead, the home of alternative religions and spirituality in the UK.”

Episode 3 – Jan 20, 2021

Marit Higraff of Death In Ice Valley

“Death In Ice Valley is about an investigation into one of the world’s most intriguing true crime stories – the mystery of the Isdal woman.”

Episode 2 – Jan 13, 2021

Avery Trufelman of The Cut

“The Cut is a magazine-based podcast and a chronicle of the way we live now.“

Episode 1 – Jan 6, 2021

Chris Warburton of Ecstasy: The Battle Of Rave

“When Ecstasy and Acid House first swept Britain, a group of lives would be changed forever. One Story. Half real life. Half drama. Welcome to Ecstasy: The Battle Of Rave.”

Episode 0 – Dec 30, 2020

The MetaPod Preview

“MetaPod unpacks the web’s most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them.”

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