Episode 42. Danny Robins of Uncanny

March 02, 2022 Wendy Morrill, Kevin May and Danny Robins Season 1 Episode 42
Episode 42. Danny Robins of Uncanny
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“From ghostly phantoms to UFOs, Uncanny host Danny Robins investigates real-life stories of paranormal encounters.”

How do you follow up on the tremendous impact of The Battersea Poltergeist – the hit podcast from Danny Robins in 2021?

You create a new series of ghostly stories from its listeners.

This is what Robins did in late 2021 (at the same time as his award-winning play, 2:22 A Ghost Story, was playing in London’s West End), producing the chilling and equally unsettling Uncanny.

Robins spoke to MetaPod about The Battersea Poltergeist for our 15th episode, so we were thrilled to have him back to discuss his latest podcast.

In our interview, we discuss some of the threads that are common to many of the stories he recounts in the show, why tales of UFOs are just as bizarre as the supernatural, what makes a truly terrifying ghost story and whether he’s a believer or not.

We also find out if Robins would stay at some of the locations he’s featured on the show and how the “Bloody Hell, Ken” slogan has become a calling card (literally) for all things spooky.

About Danny Robins

Danny Robins is an award-winning writer and journalist. He writes and makes drama, comedy and documentaries for TV, audio and the stage.

His interest in ghosts stems back to childhood. He has made several shows about the supernatural, most recently the acclaimed podcast Haunted, exploring real-life ghost stories.

Danny grew up in Newcastle and started performing and writing comedy aged 15. As a comedy writer for BBC Radio 4, he has written the hugely popular shows The Museum of Everything, Rudy’s Rare Record and The Cold Swedish Winter. For TV he co-created the RTS-Award winning CBBC series Young Dracula and has presented for shows such as BBC2’s The Culture Show and Newsnight. He has written two critically-acclaimed stage plays, including the award-winning 2:22 A Ghost Story.

Amongst his weirder achievements, he also once had a Number 11 hit single without realising it, entered North Korea for a few minutes and came second in the UK AirGuitar Championship final (he was robbed). He lives in Walthamstow in East London with his Swedish wife and two sons.

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