Episode 58. Ranjay Gulati of Deep Purpose

November 16, 2022 Wendy Morrill and Ranjay Gulati Season 1 Episode 58
Episode 58. Ranjay Gulati of Deep Purpose
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“How courageous leaders unlock potential”

Ranjay Gulati is an author, podcaster and Harvard Business School's Paul R. Lawrence MBA Class of 1942 Professor. He is often cited on matters of economics and business and has been studying resilience within organisations in order to understand how organisations grow and prosper under both good and bad circumstances.

Professor Gulati’s podcast Deep Purpose is an extension of his work, published earlier in a book with the same title. Deep Purpose examines how business leaders "unlock" the potential of their organisations and people.

At quick glance, Deep Purpose seems like business podcast and in this sense is one of the first to be featured on MetaPod. However, this is actually a podcast about people. and you don’t need to be interested in “business” as you might ordinarily think of it to enjoy the podcast. Ranjay speaks to business leaders from across the globe about how they integrate purpose into their work, communities, personal lives and well being.  Through inquisitive conversation, Ranjay is able to get CEOs to reveal their personal thoughts and feelings about their organisations, work, challenges and successes.

MetaPod episode recommendation for Deep Purpose:

In this episode of MetaPod Wendy enquires with Ranjay about the risks and challenges related to "going deep" on a purpose as a company. They discuss some of the cultural challenges companies have related to pursuing social "good" and also consider consumer expectations around corporate social responsibility.

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