Episode 52. David Peterkofsky of For Keeps

July 13, 2022 Wendy Morrill Season 1 Episode 52
Episode 52. David Peterkofsky of For Keeps
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"For Keeps spotlights interesting, unusual or unexpected collections of things and the people who keep them."

This episode of MetaPod turns the spotlight around on David Peterkofsky and his podcast For Keeps, which explores the world of collecting. As you might expect, you'll discover that people collect some fairly unusual things. However, For Keeps is more than a show about stuff.

"Really the idea of how these people relate to the things they have collected is what drew me to the idea," he explains about the origin of the For Keeps podcast.

In this conversation, David discusses the connections that collectors have with their collections. He shares what he has learned collectors have in common, irrespective of the types of things collected. You'll also hear some of the stories behind episodes of For Keeps. Wendy and David discuss how collectors view the Internet and its impact on collecting and the communities around collections. Lastly, David entertains the idea of featuring an NFT collector on the podcast. 

Show notes:

About David Peterkofsky

David Peterkofsky has a background in print journalism and marketing communications, but the power of audio storytelling led him in 2017 to launch For Keeps, which spotlights interesting, unusual, or unexpected collections of items and the people who keep them. By interviewing the keepers of items relating to pop culture, history, geography, and more, he has learned quite a bit about what makes these passionate enthusiasts tick — and engaged in deeper dives on a wide range of topics along the way. David is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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