Episode 59. Avery Trufelman of Articles Of Interest

November 23, 2022 Wendy Morrill and Avery Trufelman Season 1 Episode 59
Episode 59. Avery Trufelman of Articles Of Interest
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"Articles Of Interest is a show about what we wear"

Avery Trufelman is the host and creator of Articles Of Interest and one of the few people on Earth who can connect the shape of a shoulder of a jacket to a major historical event. You might also know Avery from her affiliation with design podcast 99% Invisible or her work on Curbed's Nice Try! and New York Magazine's podcast The Cut. 

Avery was one of MetaPod’s first guests back in December 2020. In episode 2 of MetaPod, Avery joined us to discuss her work at The Cut, the weekly podcast companion to New York Magazine's column of the same name. 

However, this episode is devoted to Avery’s work on Articles Of Interest. More specifically, we talk a lot about the new series of the show, titled American Ivy. The new series explores the origin and evolution of this fashion style that what would eventually become known as “preppy”.

Avery is intelligent, curious, self-aware, creative and funny. We touched on a lot of different subjects in this MetaPod conversation, including: preppy as a style, fashion trends and “vibes”, fashion forecasting, the “jeans of the future”, scent and our sense of smell, and clothing as a means to express ourselves... plus Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren!

In this episode of MetaPod, I checked in on a few questions we asked Avery back in 2020. You'll also learn a bit about her appearance at Het Podcastfestival in Amsterdam, September 2022.

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