Episode 55. Ray Auger of Don't Quit Your Day Job

October 25, 2022 Wendy Morrill Season 1 Episode 55
Episode 55. Ray Auger of Don't Quit Your Day Job
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"A podcast about the people behind the music that other people wrote, performed and made millions off of and their goals to score a little gas money and cover the bar tab."

Don’t Quit Your Day Job … sounds like cautionary advice about something that you might fantasize about occasionally, right?

Well, Don’t Quit Your Day Job is a podcast about and for people in cover bands. You know - the bands that play the songs you like at your local bar or neighborhood events, bands composed of people who do other things during the day, like teach children, take care of animals or manage an IT team... and people who put their sunglasses on at night and make sure you have a good time when you’re out with friends!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job is hosted by Ray Auger, a radio personality and station manager at WMRC or “MyFM 101.3” in Milford, Massachusetts in the United States. Ray has a lot of jobs, and actually I don’t think he’d dream of quitting any of them. He's one of the voices behind New England Legends, a podcast exploring the spooky places of New England, but his new podcast allows people in bands to talk about how they pursue their passion for music and entertaining while getting all the other stuff in life taken care of too. The conversations are full of humble advice from experienced, and humorous, part-time musicians, but Ray and his guests pull back the stage curtain for others too, giving fans and business owners ideas about how the nighttime entertainment economy works from the cover band perspective.

In this episode of MetaPod, Wendy talks to Ray about the work and relationships involved in being in a band and how bands, audiences and music venues depend on each other to do good business. You'll also hear how Ray turns the occasional live gig screw up into entertainment and about the time he disappointed someone in the audience because he couldn't hit Axl Rose's high parts on Sweet Child O' Mine.

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