Episode 60. Giles Bidder of 101 Part Time Jobs

November 30, 2022 Wendy Morrill and Giles Bidder Season 1 Episode 60
Episode 60. Giles Bidder of 101 Part Time Jobs
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"Bands and musicians talk about their various and precarious side jobs."

Just as MetaPod talks to creators of the web’s most interesting podcasts to get at the stories behind those podcasts, Giles Bidder of 101 Part Time Jobs talks to musicians about the other jobs they do alongside their work as artists. The result is a backstage pass of sorts to better understand what the minds, hearts and hands of indie rock are doing when they are not on stage, on tour or in the studio.

Giles is thoughtful about artists as individuals and about the larger creative economy that they are part of. His DIY ethos makes him a good ally and advocate for musicians who want to create their own lifestyle or pursue work in non-traditional ways. He also has a great moustache.

The 101 Part Time Jobs podcast offers insights about how musicians balance or blend work and art into a lifestyle. 101 Part Time Jobs is also a good podcast for discovering bands that you might know yet. particularly if you’re located outside of England.

In this episode of MetaPod, Wendy talks to Giles about what makes 101 Part Time Jobs different than other music podcasts. They also talk about some of the unhealthy aspects of the music industry and Giles explains his biggest wish for musicians. Also, Giles is served a question that you'll hear him regularly ask guests on his own show.  As a result, he reveals some of his most embarrassing work stories.

About Giles Bidder:
Giles Bidder is the creator and presenter of the 101 Part Time Jobs podcast. He’s also a musician, writer and producer, having worked in print, radio and live events. You can also find the 101 Part Time Jobs podcast on Instagram.

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