Episode 48. Robert Rodriguez of Something About The Beatles

Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles’ music and career. Smart, funny and surprising – just like the Fab Four.

Robert Rodriguez can tell you a lot about The Beatles. In fact, he knows and can tell so much about Liverpool’s greatest export that his podcast is fast approaching 250 episodes.

That’s a lot of information, discussion and analysis about one subject!

But Rodriguez has managed to slice and dice elements of The Beatles’ story that each episode can give the listener something new, something intriguing about the so-called Fab Four.

In such high regard is his podcast, the director of the recent Get Back movie, Peter Jackson appeared on the show for an extraordinarily in-depth (and fantastic) interview that is highly unlikely he would’ve done elsewhere.

In this episode of MetaPod, we discuss with Rodriguez how the podcast came together, how it’s possible to dissect a subject so thoroughly and what he REALLY thinks about the Get Back movie.

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About Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez is an award-winning author; penning or contributing to a dozen books. He’s written extensively about The Beatles: five books so far, including the latest Solo in the 70s and 2012’s acclaimed Revolver: How The Beatles Reimagined Rock ‘N’ Roll. He’s also contributed numerous articles to Beatlefan magazine and has been a regular interviewee on radio and TV about the group. Robert is the creator of the FAQ book series for Hal Leonard, the world’s largest print music publisher. He has also written extensively about pop culture in volumes on the 1950s and 1960s. Robert maintains a daily archival page on Facebook where you learn about the rock world the Beatles inhabited, from 1950s pre-history through the sixties heyday and into the solo years, through the 1980 death of John Lennon. He is also a frequent speaker at area libraries, offering several Beatles programs; as well as at the annual Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago. He lives just outside the city.