Episode 37. SPECIAL EDITION: Wendy Morrill & Kevin May of MetaPod

“MetaPod unpacks the web’s most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them.”

“We made it!” – well, just about. After 36 shows featuring the finest podcasters in all the land, we decided to not take a breather to celebrate our first year, but produce a bonus episode of MetaPod.

Maybe it’s a slightly vain idea that listeners might want to hear about us, but we also wanted to catch up with each other about our packed calendar of episodes from 2021 – this time IN-PERSON (the shock, the horror!). So here it is – a record of ourselves talking with each other about ourselves and our wonderful show.

It’s not as bad as it sounds – honest.

Fuelled by tea and extraordinarily good doughnuts (courtesy of Crosstown in London’s Square Mile), we tackle a few entertaining questions about MetaPod guests and topics. Check the show notes below.

MetaPod continues in 2022 with more unpacking of the web’s most interesting podcasts. Until then, why not spend the last few days of this year reflecting, with us, on a year of some amazing podcasts and guests?

Some might call it naval-gazing, but we’re not really into sea-based military stuff. We haven’t found a good podcast on that particular subject matter yet.

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Show notes for MetaPod

  • The six-bean chili chat (4m42s)
  • Who sounded completely different (6m27s)
  • A question that you wish you had asked (8m04s)
  • Interview that surprised you the most (9m10s)
  • Topics that you’d still like MetaPod to unpack (10m30s)
  • Most challenging topic (12m25s)
  • Most enjoyable topic (13m46s)
  • Funniest moments (14m40s)
  • Best virtual (or real) backgrounds (16m36s)
  • Most wanted guests (18m40s)
  • A live version of the MetaPod show (20m21s)
  • MetaPod commissions a new voiceover and theme tune (21m21s)
  • MetaPod becomes a Netflix series (23m00s)

MetaPod pictures

MetaPod t-shirts
The new MetaPod t-shirts arrived
Kevin and Wendy use middle fingers every now and then.
Agreeing on strategy again
MetaPod recording
Wendy’s amazing studio set-up for the recording – yes, that’s a toaster
Kevin and Wendy
Post-recording treat at a gig in London

Bonus: Kevin and Wendy’s Favourite Tracks and Albums of 2021

Recorded live at the London Coliseum, December 5, 2021, just before Dave Gahan & Soulsavers hit the stage.

About Kevin and Wendy

Kevin has somehow managed to be employed for over 25 years as a journalist, covering everything from crime, politics, media and, since 2005, travel and its intersection with technology. He’s currently ed-in-chief of US-based PhocusWire, although he mostly sits at home in the UK. Kevin’s accident rate on a mountain bike is worryingly high for a 40-something who should know better and he’s also spent far too long co-authoring a biography about electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode. Kevin is suspicious of people who do not like Marmite.

Wendy works on MetaPod at night and is employed by an international travel trade association by day. She’s also a member of The Podcast Academy. Her friends and enemies appreciate her love of baking, interest in new and old music and skeptical sense of humor. Before moving to the old Amsterdam, where she currently resides, Wendy lived in the new Amsterdam. She grew up in a different new place called New Hampshire. If you need a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, she can help you.