Episode 27. Brian Resnick of Unexplainable

“Unexplainable is a science show about everything we don’t know, looking at the most fascinating unanswered questions in science and the mind-bending ways scientists are trying to answer them.”

Dark Energy – what the heck is it? And what about UFOs – surely there’s some kind of analysis available that can shed some light on those mysterious objects in the sky?

Well, disappointingly, there is no definitive understanding of what either of these is – just a lot of speculation, ongoing research and, often, a lot of bad science.

Thankfully, Unexplainable is here to unravel the key elements behind these mysteries and many others, as much it can.

The Vox Media-run podcast is informative, entertaining and extremely thought-provoking. It has tackled the aforementioned subjects alongside others as varied as establishing the height of Mount Everest, planet-hunting, why placebos work and the length of human life.

Heavy stuff – but riveting and worth every minute of a listen.

In this episode of MetaPod we speak with Brian Resnick, co-creator of Unexplainable and Vox’s science reporter.

We wallow in the smartness of our guest and try to pick apart some of the topics in the Unexplainable portfolio of shows, as well as asking why does the internet need another podcast about science.

If you listen to Unexplainable, you’ll soon know why.

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Show notes

About Brian Resnick

Brian Resnick is a science reporter at Vox.com, covering social and behavioral sciences, space, medicine, the environment and anything that makes you think “whoa that’s cool.” He is the co-creator of Unexplainable, a Vox podcast about unanswered questions in science. He serves as the show’s senior reporter, shaping the editorial direction of the series. Before Vox, he was a staff correspondent at National Journal where he wrote two cover stories for the (now defunct) weekly print magazine and reported on breaking news and politics.