Episode 26. Sarah and Brian Linnen of Permanent Record Podcast

Sarah and Brian Linnen Permanent Record Podcast

“Permanent Record Podcast is a look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres.”

Think back to your favourite bands, songs and albums before the Internet – the songs you recorded off the radio or the albums that your friend let you borrow and copy with your dual cassette deck. How much do you really know about these beloved artefacts of your past?

Perhaps a fair amount, but Sarah and Brian Linnen of the Permanent Record Podcast demonstrate that there is always something more to learn about your favourites, especially with the advantage of hindsight and a few modern-day research tools.

Combining historical context and facts, trivia and endearing personal memories of the classic alternative and rock music of the 80s, Sarah and Brian will likely jog some memories of your own – from chart performance and critical reception to what you thought of the artwork on a cassingle or the band hairstyles and outfits in a music video.

Oh, you didn’t realise that there was another song on that album until much later in life? Probably because it didn’t fit on the only 60-minute cassette that your friend had available to record over, right? Don’t worry, Sarah and Brian will still have you in their club. You just need to be a fan.

In this episode of MetaPod, we talk about classic alternative music of the 1980s with Sarah and Brian – Depeche Mode, Erasure, The Communards, The Cure and others. We learn how Sarah and Brian select, research and present the albums they feature on the Permanent Record Podcast. We also discuss music more broadly. If you’re a fan of Permanent Record Podcast, this is your chance to learn more about Sarah and Brian personally and all of the good work they do to provide listeners with a broad, yet detailed look at the much-loved classic alternative bands of the 80s.

MetaPod t-shirt challenge!

Sarah and Brian graciously agreed to wear band t-shirts for a photo during our MetaPod interview in May 2021. As you can see, Sarah chose an Erasure tee and both Brian and Kevin choose Depeche Mode t-shirts. What the heck did Wendy choose though?!

Challenge: Identify the band associated with Wendy’s t-shirt.

Bonus challenge: Suggest a band t-shirt that Kevin *should* have worn – wrong answers only!

Send us your answers by recording a voice message below or contact us via email or social media. We’ll read your message on an upcoming episode!

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Show notes

About Sarah and Brian

Sarah and Brian Linnen

Brian and Sarah spent the 1980s searching their local record shops for imports, new releases, and anything that spoke to them and their New Wave sensibilities. Now, decades later, they are still going on about those classic albums and the wonderful bands that were so important to them during those formative years.