Episode 24. Dan Beeston and Greg Wah of Smart Enough To Know Better

Smart Enough to Know Better

“Smart Enough To Know Better is a podcast of science, comedy and ignorance.”

It’s a unique skill to be able to apply humour to science – and get it to work.

Greg Wah and Dan Beeston have been doing this for over 10 years with Smart Enough To Know Better, creating an extremely listenable podcast that tackles big subjects with an accessible style.

There is a lot of banter, plenty of tangents that they often head down and a very loyal and engaged audience.

What makes Smart Enough To Know Better so good is that it’s not afraid to dissect a subject and speak truth to power – but do so in a way that is, generally, positive and constructive.

And as the pair creep closer to their 200th show, what better time to understand more about the show and the issues and topics that get them going.

For our latest episode of MetaPod, we speak to the Australia-based pair about how they pick their subjects each week and how they’ve nurtured their audience over a decade.

We tackle some big issues, such as the billionaire space race and coronavirus, as well as find out how much science they actually remember.

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Show notes

About Dan Beeston and Greg Wah

Dan has two decades of live performance under his belt and has tread the boards of the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, the Powerhouse in Brisbane and the back room of Mary’s Hotel in Dalby. His day job is as an internet boffin and he doesn’t hate it very much at all.

Greg is a bit of a generalist. A performer, writer, director by night but an astrophysicist by day. Learning is his passion and he can’t shut up about whatever new thing has squeezed his curiosity gland.