Episode 11. Daniel Stern of Radio Spätkauf

Daniel Stern Radio Spaetkauf

“Radio Spätkauf is Berlin’s English-language news show, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture, bicycles, bars and more.”

Most people can name a famous attraction or historical event in Berlin. Many can tell you a musician or artist that spent time in the city. When it comes to city politics, local business and garbage in Berlin, Radio Spätkauf picks up where the others left off.

Hosted by four international residents of Berlin, Radio Spätkauf presents facts and opinions on local issues with entertaining cultural insight. The show is produced for the podcast and live audience and calls listeners to action on local issues. Bello Collective has recognised the podcast for its examination of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport project, aptly titled “How to Fuck Up An Airport”.

You don’t need to live in Berlin to enjoy Radio Spätkauf. Listeners from other international cities will recognise common themes of urban life. The hosts provide irreverent, analytical twists on each topic, resulting in a show with a local and international flair.

“What’s going on right now with Covid in Germany or Berlin ends up in the international press, but local elections don’t,” explains Daniel Stern, one of the show’s hosts. “That’s one of the times when I really feel like we’re doing our job and something valuable.”

In this episode of MetaPod, we learn about current affairs in Berlin and how the Radio Spätkauf team performs with a sense of humour and wonder. We also hear about expat life and two pressing issues for the city, the housing crisis and notorious Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Daniel also reveals to MetaPod a few of the hot topics of life in Berlin, like trash sorting and abandoned bike locks. Wendy suggests an episode that explores the German art of sandwich lettuce.

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About Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern of Radio Spaetkauf

Daniel Stern is an American living in Berlin. He is a former talk show host, a retired competitive eater, a screenwriter, actor and stand up comedian. Stern’s live performances are a manic, sweaty collage of anarchic wit, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus. His acting resume includes dramatic roles, voice work and a bit of tasteful partial nudity.

Daniel podcasts with local news show Radio Spätkauf and has produced countless live shows with titles like “Motherfudgers,” “An Hour on the M41 Bus” or the sort of eponymous “Staniel Dern Show.” Stern took last place behind three children in an NBA Summer League half time dance-off.