Episode 5. Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson of Endless Thread

Endless Thread is a show for “Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and the rest of us“.

Endless Thread is a podcast produced by WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts and Reddit. Co-hosts Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson explore the online communities of Reddit, searching for mysteries to solve and stories to tell.

Started in 2018, Amory and Ben sift through “the weird, the wonderful, and even the scary stuff” on Reddit “the front page of the internet”. They connect with guests, listeners and each other with humour and respect while highlighting very personal, yet universal human emotions. You’ll find stories related to grief, generosity, activism, guilt and shame, as well as investigations into cultural phenomena like all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants and dad jokes

In this episode of MetaPod, Amory and Ben talk to us about their search for engaging stories on the Internet, the social value of online communities and finding hope in humanity in even the darkest corners of the Internet. We also discuss the awakening of big tech platforms like Reddit and Twitter, action and non-action to stop hate speech and misinformation on such platforms and the violent siege on Capitol Hill in January 2021.

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Show notes

About Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson

Amory Sivertson is the co-host of Endless Thread. Previously, she was one of the founding producers of Modern Love: The Podcast and Dear Sugar Radio (now Dear Sugars). Before joining WBUR’s iLab, she was the studio director and a producer for Radio Boston. Amory is also a musician.

Ben Brock Johnson is a senior producer at WBUR, where he helps direct strategic and editorial initiatives across WBUR’s iLab. Ben also co-hosts the podcast Endless Thread, serves as a tech correspondent for Here and Now, and is a guest host for WBUR programs including On Point.