Episode 36. Juliette and Theo of Apologies Accepted

December 22, 2021 Wendy Morrill and Kevin May Season 1 Episode 36
Episode 36. Juliette and Theo of Apologies Accepted
Show Notes

“An entertaining look at some of the big issues in history by examining public apologies of the famous and infamous. Apologies Accepted looks at politicians, serial killers, actors, and you!”

Apologies Accepted is a place to examine and debate the controversies that develop around public apologies, as well as the expressions of remorse, regret and reparation – or failures thereof – that come along with them.

Listeners who appreciate firm opinions and critique of cultural and political affairs will appreciate Theo and Juliette’s discussions. From Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinksy to Billie Eilish and the Golden State Killer, Juliette and Theo dissect apologies of recent and historical significance. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the Pope.

“We’re all human, we all make mistakes,” says Theo.

“Everybody’s got something that they’re sorry for. Hopefully, we grow out of it as we get older and understand a little bit more,” says Juliette.

In this episode of MetaPod, we learn what constitutes a good apology and why people deserve and should give, apologies. We also discuss the sincerity and value of apologies from politicians and institutions.

Are there things that simply cannot be apologized for? Do you think an apology means more when given by somebody on their deathbed? Find out Juliette and Theo’s answers to these and more tough questions about being sorry.

Show notes:

About Juliette

Juliette co-hosts the Apologies Accepted podcast along with her high school friend, Theo. She manages IT projects by day, where she learns something new every ten minutes. Juliette was the publisher and editor of the first major feminist web journal, Feminista!, from 1995 to 2001.

Juliette lives in San Francisco with her husband Brent, the producer and engineer of Apologies Accepted, and a neurotic greyhound named Sophie, who has no role in the podcast. 

About Theo

Hailing from Los Angeles, Theo is a freelance copywriter currently based in Austin, TX.  He entered college at the age of 48 and majored in English at UT Austin, a move that taught him a needful lesson in humility but allowed him to change career paths. Previously Theo worked in Corporate America, starting off at Disneyland’s Marketing Department, eventually serving as Tourism Marketing Director for the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood. 

Theo and Juliette are both big fans of podcasts, and on a whim, created Apologies Accepted together – over 50 episodes later they are still awed every week by the fact they have actual listeners. Theo has been married for nearly 20 years now, a success he credits to his husband’s patience.  He enjoys baking and wine, ideally both at the same time.

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