Episode 2. Avery Trufelman of The Cut

The Cut is a magazine-based podcast and a chronicle of the way we live now.

From dick pics to tarot cards and then irony to earnest, The Cut isn’t afraid to touch anything.

Avery Trufelman took over New York Magazine‘s The Cut podcast in August 2020 and jokes about her experience to date as being like a cover band covering someone else’s songs, but it’s a podcast.

Just as with her previous podcast Articles of Interest, exploring the social and cultural history of clothing, Avery takes listeners to the crux of the story before unraveling it with them.

In this episode of MetaPod, Avery Trufelman talks with us about her career in podcasting for shows like Articles of Interest, what it’s been like to move to a new city to take over a show as a new host and the “delicious” topics that The Cut as both a magazine and a podcast has in mind for 2021.

Alongside dispelling a few myths about the podcast’s target audience (we turned Kev around here, it’s worth pointing out), we also get into important topics such as how deep a host’s voice can go over time.

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About Avery Trufelman

Avery Trufelman is a podcaster who currently works for The Cut, from New York Magazine. She’s been a longtime producer on the architecture and design podcast 99% Invisible, where she hosted her own series about fashion called Articles of Interest. She’s also the host of Nice Try!, a show from Curbed.com about failed utopian experiments.